The Twins | 9 Months

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Twins turned 10 months old last week. I can't believe they already hit double digits. My babies aren't so little anymore. Here is a recap of the 9th month of life!

This month we were lucky and had a checkup. Logan weighted in at 17lbs even and 26 inches long. Colton weighted in at 18.5 lbs. and 27 ½ inches long. Mommy’s little babies are growing big and strong. 
Nana and Papaw gave them their big Birthday present early so it could be used before winter. They love going everywhere in their little red wagon. So far we have taken it to the dog park with Oakley, to the Pumpkin Patch, and Eric once threatened to take it into the grocery store.  

Currently we are doing a lot of transitioning to real people food. They already eat basically the same meal as us for dinner. We are working on picking up food and putting it in our months. They definitely prefer our food over theirs.
They still have pretty much the same vocabulary- ‘Mama, Dada, Nana’, but they are associating those names with Eric, my mom, and me. If you hold a duck up, they both say ‘du du ducky’. Also, they say ‘Ya’ and say stuff that sounds like they are repeating us. 

Logan Danielle

She currently has 2 teeth, and is wearing 9-12 month clothes. Her shoe size is a 4. Her favorite pass time is standing on her head. All. The. Time. She is definitely her Momma’s girl and takes after her too! She’s a major sleepy head, and when she is ready for bed, she lets you know… quick! She is still sleeping through the night in her crib. Use to, she would wake up laughing and smiling. Well, she still does when she wakes up on her own. On weekdays, I have to wake her up more and more to get out of the house on time. She is not a happy camper. She has FINALLY started crawling. She can get up on her all fours, but prefers to ‘army crawl’ around. She is super quick and beats her brother most of the time. She has started standing more, and pulls up on things all the time. She LOVES tents. Skylar makes her forts all the time and she will just sit in them for hours.

Colton Gage

He currently has no teeth, but you can see the bottom ones under his gums. He’s wearing 12 month clothes, and his shoe size is a 5. He has perfected the pulling up and standing without support {that is until he realizes what he’s doing}. He’s still not sleeping in his crib, but he’s working on it. He’s getting better at sleeping alone and putting himself back to sleep without help. He screams LOUD… like a girl! He is obsessed with Callie {the kitty}. He followers her in circles between our living room and kitchen trying to pet her. She’s starting to come around to the idea of him now. haha! His favorite is sharing a bowl of cereal with Daddy

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