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Thursday, December 18, 2014

O-N-E. My sweet little babies are ONE today! I can’t believe this day has already arrived. It seems like just yesterday we were waiting on their arrival.
Today I want to share their Birth Story since I never have on the blog. It was a day that came quickly by surprise, but a blessing to had held off as long as it did.

The night of December 16, 2013 I had my major “nesting” fit and cleaned the entire house top to bottom. I remember when I laid down I felt a trickle of something, but nothing like a gush. I skipped the Ambien the doctor had prescribed me to sleep just in case my water broke.  Eric was working night shift at the time, so he came home the following morning about 6 am. He got Skylar ready and took her off to school. I slept in until I had to get ready for my 1 o’clock 35 week checkup.  

Mom came to pick me up since Eric had worked the night before and had to work again that night. I felt wonderful! Mom asked if I wanted to eat anything, but I assumed we would just go to Cracker Barrel like the rest of my appointments. That was my major mistake. I had only had a jelly biscuit at 6 am that morning. Nothing. Else. What. So. Ever!!! {Mental note- eat before every appointment} 

I was taken back for our usual ultra sound. Everything started off just fine, and then I felt a gush. I told Mom and the tech. I was checked and there was nothing wet there. The tech began the ultrasound, but said should couldn’t find a fluid pocket to measure on Logan. What? She went out and got Dr. Roberts. They both came in, Dr. Roberts checked me and then said, “Are you ready to have some babies because you’re done!”. Holy Cow! Babies today? Logan had zero fluid in her sack. Dr. Roberts told me her water had broken and that was the trickle I felt. Since she was Baby B, she wouldn’t have a gush of water, just a trickle.

Of course, Mom is sitting in the chair freaking out. She grabs her phone to start calling people while I quickly get dressed. I told her before she told the world, please call my husband to let him know. I remember hearing her call him and saying, “Eric are you awake enough to understand? We are going to have babies TODAY!” All I heard coming from her phone was, “SHIT!” {Excuse the language!} Then she said it was all a bunch of rustling.

Mom and I went straight over to the hospital and got to the room. I changed into the gown and it never hit me, we were going to have babies. The nurse recommended I take the epidural right away since Logan did not have fluid. They were worried that she would not be able to tolerate labor and require a C-Section. The epidural was ordered.

Of course I never packed a hospital bag, because I kept telling myself I needed things up until the day we went to the hospital. Eric frantically threw everything into bags, literally the entire house. I’m beyond surprised we didn’t find the cat somewhere in those bags he had so much. I heard all this rustling up the hallway and it was him carrying 3 big bags like we were going on a month long excursion. He arrived just in time for the anesthesiologist to arrive.

I received my epidural, Pitocin, and antibiotics since I did not go far enough in my pregnancy to have the Group B Strep test. I honestly think the antibiotics were the most painful thing about labor and delivery! After that we waited… I remember my dad just sitting and watching at the contraction monitor. He would ask if I just felt anything. When I told him no, he would tell me how high the numbers got.

By late evening, the babies were still progressing well, everyone had

eaten lunch and dinner, and all I could was imagine my ice chips were a big juicy cheeseburger. Case in point, eat before all doctor’s appointments. The only thing I had ate that day was the jelly biscuit at 6 am.

FINALLY about 10:30 pm they decided I was far enough along to get prepped for delivery in the Operating Room. There was lots of worries we would have one born before midnight and another after midnight. I was wheeled back into the OR and Eric followed with the camera. We began pushing sometime after 11 pm, but I’m not sure the exact time. I was extremely lucky because my doctor was the one on call that night. After pushing for what seemed forever, my desire for a cheeseburger switched to just settling for a sprite. My mouth was so dry from pushing.

Colton Gage was born on December 18, 2013 at 12:12 am completely healthy at 18 inches long, 5lbs 10oz. I continued to push for another 18 minutes and delivered Logan Danielle face up at 12:30 am completely healthy at 18 inches long, 4lbs 7oz. We were extremely blessed beyond words that neither baby required any NICU time.

Eric carried Colton back to our hospital room while I did skin to skin with Logan as I was rolled back. I remember thinking how tiny she was. It was the most amazing day of our entire lives. I cannot believe it has been exactly one year since that moment and how much our sweet little babies have grown into toddlers.

Mommy and Daddy love you bunches Monkey and Pumpkin!!

Twin Talk Blog | "A Day in the Life"

Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy Monday, Everyone! Today I'm over at Twin Talk Blog sharing "A Day in the Life" of the Snoderly household. Grab a cup of coffee, head on over, and join me!

 Be sure and check back tomorrow for our Weekend Recap and how we celebrated Skylar's 9th Birthday. I also have a special post scheduled for Thursday to celebrate Colton and Logan's First Birthday.

See you tomorrow!

Weekend Recap | First Thanksgiving

Monday, December 1, 2014

This past weekend, well Thursday, Colton and Logan celebrated their first Thanksgiving. We did not travel, we did not go all out, we just had our typical Thanksgiving celebration as we do every year. It was just special time spent with special family.

 We have two places to visit each Thanksgiving, my parent’s house and Eric’s great grandmother’s house. Lucky for us, they both live within a five mile radius of our house. 

 The family loaded up and headed over to my parent’s house about 10:30 to help cook. This was the same time as L&C’s first nap of the day. Since it’s their first Thanksgiving, I guess they haven’t figured out it’s eat first, then nap! They snoozed right up until the meal at 12:00.

 Logan, of course being her finicky self, did not eat much at all. Colton loved him some ham, mash potatoes, broccoli casserole, and rolls.

 After lunch, we walked over to the neighbors to show off some cute babies… and played a little dress up!

 Next stop on our list was Eric’s great grandmother’s house with his entire family. I have been so excited about Thanksgiving since his family is in the middle of a baby boom right now. There are 6 kids under 3 right two. {Complete with two sets of boy/girl twinsJ} #yesitdoesruninthefamily!

 There was more food, lots of playing and running around with cousins, more naps, and more playing. They had an absolute blast playing with everyone… once they finally warmed up.

On Friday I had to work, Eric and Skylar had fun Black Friday shopping, and the kiddos went to visit my grandparents with my mom and dad. Everyone had a blast… except me! 

 Skylar decided to spend the rest of the weekend with Eric’s grandmother.

 Callie had an early morning trip to the vet Saturday to get checked out and have some blood work. It wasn’t anything that a little medication can’t fix. {Paws crossed}

 Logan has turned into our climber. She’s successfully climbed the first level of the kitty tree, as well as hanging out in the dishwasher. Silly girl.

 The Snoderly’s had a very great Thanksgiving weekend, but I’m already in the Christmas spirit. I’m ready to decorate and watch lots of ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas.

 Ps. Our Elf on the Shelf, Luke, is scheduled to make his first appearance of the season… Stay tuned!! 

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