Weekend Recap | First Thanksgiving

Monday, December 1, 2014

This past weekend, well Thursday, Colton and Logan celebrated their first Thanksgiving. We did not travel, we did not go all out, we just had our typical Thanksgiving celebration as we do every year. It was just special time spent with special family.

 We have two places to visit each Thanksgiving, my parent’s house and Eric’s great grandmother’s house. Lucky for us, they both live within a five mile radius of our house. 

 The family loaded up and headed over to my parent’s house about 10:30 to help cook. This was the same time as L&C’s first nap of the day. Since it’s their first Thanksgiving, I guess they haven’t figured out it’s eat first, then nap! They snoozed right up until the meal at 12:00.

 Logan, of course being her finicky self, did not eat much at all. Colton loved him some ham, mash potatoes, broccoli casserole, and rolls.

 After lunch, we walked over to the neighbors to show off some cute babies… and played a little dress up!

 Next stop on our list was Eric’s great grandmother’s house with his entire family. I have been so excited about Thanksgiving since his family is in the middle of a baby boom right now. There are 6 kids under 3 right two. {Complete with two sets of boy/girl twinsJ} #yesitdoesruninthefamily!

 There was more food, lots of playing and running around with cousins, more naps, and more playing. They had an absolute blast playing with everyone… once they finally warmed up.

On Friday I had to work, Eric and Skylar had fun Black Friday shopping, and the kiddos went to visit my grandparents with my mom and dad. Everyone had a blast… except me! 

 Skylar decided to spend the rest of the weekend with Eric’s grandmother.

 Callie had an early morning trip to the vet Saturday to get checked out and have some blood work. It wasn’t anything that a little medication can’t fix. {Paws crossed}

 Logan has turned into our climber. She’s successfully climbed the first level of the kitty tree, as well as hanging out in the dishwasher. Silly girl.

 The Snoderly’s had a very great Thanksgiving weekend, but I’m already in the Christmas spirit. I’m ready to decorate and watch lots of ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas.

 Ps. Our Elf on the Shelf, Luke, is scheduled to make his first appearance of the season… Stay tuned!! 

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