*Out with the Old, In with the New*

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy 2015 people!!! I am absolutely excited to get this year started and see what is in store for our little family.

Since we all get to start all over with a brand spanking new book with 365 empty pages to write, why shouldn’t this blog? I’m sure you’ve noticed the new title ‘Two is Better than One’. Well, this blog is about our family, and I just did not feel the old title, ‘Chaos and Applesauce’, would suit our family for several years to come. I will whole heartily admit it does for now, definitely! I just knew it would not fit our family 10 years from now.

 ‘Two is Better than One’ is used quite often, but it have sentimental value to our family. Have you heard the Boys Like Girls and Taylor Swift song Two is Better than One? Well, that was actually the song that Eric and I had our first dance to at our wedding. Fast forward 3 years later and we have our two cute bundles of joy. I don’t know about you, but I would not have them any other way. Two is SOOO much better than just one!

Flash Back to 2014

As I was thinking of all the paths we crossed this previous year and talked it over with the hubby, I realized there were very few things to reflect on. However, the few were pretty major, at least in our book! We reconnected with some family members, said goodbye to a few loved ones, and gained some new family.

2014 was the first full year celebrated as a family of five. We survived! It has truly been the most blessed and fulfilled year with Colton and Logan. They completed our family.

January came and went, all too quick. I think it was the lack of sleep with two newborns.

February, Colton and Logan celebrated their first Valentine’s Day. I returned to work after a 4 month maternity leave. It was so hard to leave the babies, but refreshing to be back.

March, Skylar took her first plane trip to Chicago. She spent Spring Break there with family. She thought the plane ride was so much fun. 

April, we celebrated Easter with family. It was Colton and Logan’s first! Eric and I also celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary.

May was a pretty special month. Eric was able to reconnect with his mom’s side of the family. I actually met Eric’s mom and sister for the first time in the 8 years I’ve known him.

June was by far the hardest month of all. We experienced a day I never wanted to come. We said goodbye to our first born, Bronx. He crossed the rainbow bridge on June 30th, Eric’s 32nd birthday. There isn’t a day that goes by that I do not wish I could just cuddle up with him. I miss my furry baby sooo much, it aches!

In July we welcomed our Chocolate Lab, Oakley, to our family. He helped heal our hearts from our loss, but will never fill the void we still experience without Bronx. Skylar went to spend the whole month in Chicago with family, again. She had lots of fun and many adventures.

August was pretty slow. Skylar began 2nd grade.

September, we got to travel to Murfreesboro to gain a new sister-in-law!  It was absolutely the most beautiful wedding that can only be described in a movie. It was our first trip away from the babies, but thanks to Nana and Papaw, I don’t think we were missed! 

October was celebrated with the cutest bumble bee, hound dog, and Pink Lady on the planet! It was raining and snowing so Colton and Logan did not participate in trick or treating, but they still got the effect of Halloween.

November came and went. Colton and Logan celebrated their first Thanksgiving. They had the traditions completely backwards. It started out with a nap then turkey. Rookies!  

December was probably our biggest month. Our sweet babies turned ONE! We celebrated with a Thing 1 and Thing 2 themed party. {That’s a post to come} Skylar celebrated her ninth birthday. I can’t believe what a young lady she is growing into. That was celebrated with an ice skating party with a couple of her best friends. Skylar went to Chicago to spend Winter Break in Chicago. The kiddos celebrated their first REAL Christmas. {Last year they were only a week old.} Also, I able to participate in Twin Talk Blog’s “A Day in the Life” series. That was lots of fun!!
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