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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

This post could very well be brought to you by Lysol, Tylenol, and Walgreen’s Pharmacy. The poor kiddos have been sick for an entire month. I never thought I would say I’m counting the minutes until spring.
We have some pretty sick kiddos...

On January 16th, Eric and I took both kids to the doctor with runny noses, cough, and fever. They both tested negative for the flu and were given antibiotics. We had several days of snuggles and lots of naps, but things only seemed to get better for Logan.
So on the 30th; exactly 2 weeks from our last appointment, Eric took Colton back to the doctor. Turns out the poor baby had a double ear infection and strep throat. Eric called Mom to just go ahead and bring Logan into the doctor to get tested, if he had it, she probably did too. Both were positive for strep.
Logan was given a shot of Penicillin, and Colton had to be given 3 series of Rocephin due to his ear infections. He had one on that Friday, the next morning on Saturday, and again on Monday. Then on Monday, the doctor prescribed him an oral antibiotic because his ears were not getting better.
This continued on, but Colton seemed to be getting better. As Colton got better, Logan begin getting worse again. She started having a yellow runny nose and high fever. So a week after our last appointment, Mom and I took both babies back to the doctor on February 7th. I went into the appointment thinking Logan was the worst, but Colton apparently still was.
Both Kiddos where tested for strep again, flu, and RSV. The doctor would have sworn Colt had RSV, and in her words “his throat was horrid”. Thankfully all tests came back negative. They just had virus.
The doctor decided to get Colton a breathing treatment in the office to help his wheezing. I believe I would had better luck giving our cat, Callie, a bath. Holy Cow!! He smacked, fought, kicked, screamed, and cried. Then he broke the strap off that goes around the back of the head. His hair started off straight, and it was kinky curly by the end. We were both sweating from top to bottom.
We went home with a new antibiotic in a completely different family. So far it has seemed to help. Logan is still pulling at her ears, but she has two teeth coming in right now. 
As of last night, we finished our last round of antibiotics. We are completely better... knock on wood. But on Sunday, this hit...

Over the River and through the Woods... It's off to work I go.
We are continuously getting ice and snow. We have many people in our area without power. The temperatures are going to be in the negatives tonight, which is unusual for East Tennessee. We are keeping the kiddos indoors and praying they do not catch something else!
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