Weekend Recap | Skylar's First Concert

Saturday, January 23, 2016

I cannot believe this weekend had come and gone. I actually have an eventful weekend to share with you folks! Believe it or not, we actually do have a life… on occasion!

We started off the weekend with a Bang! My sister-in-law, Bailey, and I took Skylar to her very first concert ever! She was so excited to see her absolute favorite singer, Miranda Lambert. Many, many, many thanks to my in laws for giving her this awesome Christmas present!

Friday night, after a quick dinner at Chick Fil A, we scooted off to see JustinMoore and Miranda Lambert!!!!! We completely missed RayLynn opening, but zero tears were shed. Haha! I will say, Miranda Lambert has lots of personality and puts on a great show. And Justin Moore was just AMAZING!! 

Saturday was spent doing a few chores around the house while Eric, my brother-in-law, and father-in-law went to see American Sniper. It was Eric and Tim’s Christmas present from Hunter. Can I just say I was completely jealous?!?! Eric said the movie was awesome. He said he would pay to see it again immediately! It is highly recommended.

Little Man fell on our hardwood floor and got a BAD pump knot on his head. Poor Colt Colt cried and cried. Luckily it was not a concussion. It looks gruesome. 

On Sunday, we discovered that Logan is going to be the dress up girl. She absolutely loved having Skylar dress her up all day. I see many dress up days to come. Check out her attire.

I understand why high chairs recline!

Sweet Man feel asleep like this!

Sunday evening, I went to take my shower and as I was blow drying my hair, Oakley decided he would eat an entire container of suppositories. I will spare you any picture taking, but seriously… we estimated him eating at least 70!! 7-0, not a typo. I.was.freaking.out.

I called the emergency vet, and they had me call animal poison control. After getting a recording that “the issue” was going to cost me $40 since they were not federally funded, I hung up and called the regular human poison control. They quickly researched it and said he would be okay, just keep him well hydrated. Note: Just call the main Poison Control first next time!

Luckily I quickly Googled it to see if anyone else had this issue. Ha! Well, I read where a vet told one lady to induce vomiting. I never thought of that! At this point, my poor Oakie Dokie was miserable to say the least. Even though he weighs about 70lbs right now, I only gave him enough for a 20lb dog. I did not want him throwing up all.night.long! Thankfully in just a few minutes, he threw up 3 times. Eric and I could not even begin to count the number of undissolved suppositories. As soon as he threw up, he was jumping around, eating and drinking, and completely his normal self. Thank goodness for Google!!

Well, we definitely had a weekend for the books. Hopefully with spring coming up, we will begin to have many more weekends worth recording. J

Ps. For all you folks in the New England area getting the blizzard… JEALOUS!!!!! Please send a little our way!
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