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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Well, it has been an extremely long time since this little blog of mine has any activity. Life has been completely crazy, but I think it has finally settled enough and given us a better routine to where I finally have time to devote towards the blog.

I’m a super major blog junkie. I start my day reading my favorite blogs and continue throughout the day. Every time I read another blog post, I’m like "this is what I want to be doing". I want my children to be able to look back in the future and be able relive our memories through Mom’s blog. Trust me, if they want a homemade scrap book of their lives, they will be waiting longer than it has taken for this blog has to come together.
#sorrykids #mommadidnotgetthecraftygene

I think the best place to begin is by doing a little Life Lately catch up. Summer is coming in full swing, and I don’t know about you, but my kiddos are ready to be out of school. We have a few trips and activities planned for this summer. Looking at the calendar, and it already looks busy.

We had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. We relaxed, grilled out, enjoyed our first swim of the season, and celebrated a birthday and graduation.

Rousey was really enjoying the pool. She was running in and out. 😊

So… This one is in her last week of 5th grade and will be heading to Middle School in the fall. I find myself daily asking how this is even possible. It seems like yesterday she as running around in a princess dress and heels asking for lip gloss. She is super excited for summer.

She has plans of trying out for the middle school volleyball team. She’s been

practicing daily and even wants to attend a camp at the end of June.

These two are down to their final day of Mother’s Day Out. They are so excited to be attending Pre-K in August and going to school five days a week. They cannot wait to be big like their sister, Skylar. However, I’m not really sure who’s more excited about Pre-K… them or their Nana. (She keeps them every day for us.)

In preparation for Pre-K, we have officially stopped all naps. We are enjoying it so much. Bedtime has not been a struggle this week. By 8:30 they are snoozing away. (Be sure and ask me this weekend if we are still enjoying it…haha)

I hope you enjoyed the small update. Check back soon for more updates! 😊

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