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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Hey Everyone! I hope your week is going great! This is the first week for us beginning spring sports. So I feel like our scheduled has been double booked. We are basically living in survival mode, and pray the correct kid ends up at the correct sport for the evening. #allthesports Also, do not even get me started on dinner... Would you like fries with that? Seriously! 

Thankfully Amazon never fails me when we need to stock up on something, and we don't have time stop by Target. We basically live on Amazon Prime. 

Today I wanted to share with you recent items we have purchased. 

Image result for amazon packages meme

I saw this online and it made me laugh! Anyone else feel like this is your front porch?? 🙋 I feel like I need to leave apology notes to my mail lady each day. 

Logan need a face mask for softball so I quickly ordered her this one

Emily Ley was cleaning out her kids' rooms and playroom on Insta Stories this past weekend. She highly recommended these to absorb smells. 

These Olly Probiotics are awesome. Even Eric enjoys them. They taste exactly like Peach Gummies. 

I purchased an Air Fryer on sale a few weeks ago from JC Penneys. When I was reading up on them, I learned you couldn't use Pam or spray oil. I purchased this to fill with olive oil. It works so awesome!

Logan has been begging for a water bottle "Just like my best friend's". I finally broke down and asked the little girl's mom about the bottle. She immediately told me she found it on Amazon and it was the best thing ever. She said she's tried them all, and this was the only one that doesn't leak. 

So far they have been great, and both kiddos love them!!

What have you been Priming lately?

Until Next Time...

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