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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Hey Everyone! I hope everybody is staying safe and healthy during these times right now. Today was going to be the Let's Look linkup with Shay and Erika. The linkup has been postponed, and will pick up with the April edition. I decided to go ahead a blog as I had planned anyways. These types of posts are some of my favorite ones to read. I love getting glimpses into other peoples' lives, homes, routines, etc. 

So lets take a look inside my purse. I call it my mom bag because I carry EVERYTHING in it. True story, my chiropractor has even threatened to weight it before.

First up is my purse in general. This is the Coach City Tote. He purchased it for me Christmas before last, so it is no longer available. I was able to find a link to some available on Amazon. I'm not sure the authenticity though. I LOVE THIS BAG!!!

Here is a look of everything inside. It literally holds everything. Most of the time I even have my water bottle inside.

Here is a break down of everything I carry daily.

I have my Erin Condren Softbound Life Planner. I've been a fan of Erin Condren's Life Planner for years. This is the first year I tired to softbound planner. I liked that it was available in the A5 size. I was hesitant, because I prefer the vertical layout to the horizontal layout, but since January I have not looked back. I LOVE THIS PLANNER! It fits nicely in my purse, and does not weight it down. I always have it at a glance. Being able to always have it in my purse keeps me from missing anything, or forgetting to write something down. My life is in this planner!

Next, I have a Rae Dunn zipper pouch pull of my Erin Condren markers and Flair pens for my planner. Both of these type of markers are the only ones i've found do not bleed through the next page. If I want to keep track of everything in my life, it must be color coated. Each family member has their own color. L&C each have an individual color, and also have a color for school and activities they both are partaking in. 

I have a large Younique makeup bag that I carry with daily medications, OTC medicines for adults and kids, and personal girly items. I could not find a link to the makeup bag. It was gifted to me from my sweet makeup lady.

I always have my Jackie Ohh Ray-Bans. They are my favorite sunglasses ever!

I have my coach wallet. This was also a gift from Eric for the same Christmas. I love that it completely zips all the way around. I'm horrible about just tossing my debit card down in the wallet, and not putting it in the slot.

Of course I have hand sanitizer, Bath and Body Works White Citrus spray, my pocket knife, gum, and nose spray. Hi, my name is Ally and I am high addicted to nose spray. 😔

I also usually have random bills for reminders to pay. When I check the mail each day, items that need tended to go straight in my purse so I can take care of them when i'm at work the next day. I'm not sure about you, but I feel I have a clearer head dealing with those types of things while sitting in my office. Definitely not while breaking up arguments, trying to fix dinner, and house hold chores/evening routines.

My keys are only in my purse when i'm not home. We have a key hook for the house. It has my monkey fist that Eric made, and always has my Air Pods attached.

I saved my favorite for last. Most people will think its a little crazy, but it has personal meaning to me. It is a worry stone. My grandfather, who was the most amazing man in this world, passed away in 2015. Just this past fall I had a federal holiday off work. I planned on doing on these errands and picking up the kids from school, but instead something had me dropping by my dad's office to visit. We ended up having an impromptu lunch and day together. It was the best day ever. Long story short, my dad and grandfather were in business together. My papaw worked up until he passed away, so his office is still as he left it. I never was able to bring myself to go in there, but that day I spent over half the morning going through his personal things, reminiscing with my dad, and finding little treasures. I found this worry stone in his lap desk drawer, and I have carried it in my purse ever since. I have a plan to keep it in my lap drawer in my office desk, just like him, but it has never made the transition.

So what is inside your purses??

Until Next Time...


  1. That is too funny! My bag isn't usually heavy... unless I'm visiting the doctor and then I switch to a larger bag and bring along a book (usually a hard cover). It helps me pass the time in the office and I've had to swear to that a time or two. LOL.

  2. Yes!! I love my Erin Condren planner and my Flair pens. I have to have them. The Rae Dunn zipper pouch is super cute! I'll have to look for one to put mine in. :) Have a great day!! -Alison


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