Tuesday Talk | March 2020

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Hey Everyone! How is your week going so far. At this point, I honestly don't know if i'm coming or going. 

Today I am going to link up with Erika and Ashley for Tuesday Talk. Join the conversation!!

We received the email today, Monday, the day i'm writing this with instruction for online schooling. We are blessed to be able to attend a school with online capabilities. I know a lot of schools in our district and surrounding areas are just floating in limbo. 

But, WOW!!! Reading about how to log into Google Classroom, and then to help teach TWO kindergarteners. God Bless Teachers is all I can say. To say i'm overwhelmed at the moment is a MAJOR understatement. 

Eric and I are still working full time. We are completely blessed, but we take it minute by minute. My parents typically keep the kids and my in laws help when they are off work. I'm struggling how to manage our jobs, home schooling, and usual evening activities. #caniget5morehours?

Anyone else online schooling or home schooling in general during this time? How are you managing?? 

#SOS #Sendhelp

Until Next Time...

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