Weekend Recap | 3.15.2020

Monday, March 16, 2020

Hey Everyone!! I hope you all had a great weekend. I'm sure most of you are in the same boat as us when it comes to either being under mandatory quarantined or just self imposed. The kids and I spend the weekend mostly in the house due to poor weather, and only went to places that had drive thrus. Unfortunately, Eric had to work Saturday morning, then he had already had plans to celebrate his boss's birthday that evening. I feel we were able to have lots of fun still.

I want to keep things as positive as possible on this blog, but I also want to use it as a scrapbook tool. So, I wanted to talk a little about the situation in our area right now. Please feel free to skip past this part. 

Today is day one of our school's spring break. We have no fun planned beach trip, no planned outings to the zoo, movies, or musems. Instead we are home bound as much as possible.

We received an email from the school on Friday saying we needed to prepare for online schooling following Spring Break. All students were to take every one of their text books home, as well as all electronics. L&C are in only in kindergarten, so they do not have text books. They each received a huge packet in their backpacks with email instructions to follow. As of this afternoon, we will not be returning to school until April 3rd. 

Today is Monday, and by lunch time the governor had urged all school to close as soon as possible. By the time I left work, our mayor had declared us under a State of Emergency. The University of Tennessee announced they will finish the entire spring semester online, and they will not have graduations.  Wow! Just Wow! As of right now, Eric and I are still working daily, but it is a day to day basis. All the kids after school activities are currently canceled until further notice. All I know right now is not to panic, we can only pray.

How are things in your area? 

Okay now let's move on to some things happy. Let's take a look at our weekend. 

Eric brought home masks for us just to be safe.

Then we were able to get the panty pretty stocked. We don't have much meat, but we have toilet paper. 😉

I really hate to stock up, because now my kids are STARVING!! They ate all weekend. I have threatened to put them on a school schedule with lunch and snack times. We still have the baby lock on our pantry, but they know how to work it now. So, that's zero help! 😂

I keep asking where all my extreme couponers are... I bet they are stocked!!

Saturday morning Logan laid under her bed and watched a movie.

And Colt made his bed and picked up his room for me. 

I caught up on A Million Little Things while I folded laundry.

Anyone else completely give up on folding their kids' clothes? They each have a shirt drawer, pant drawer, PJ and underwear drawer, and school uniforms are kept completely separate. It has been a life saver. You know the second you fold all of their clothes, they are going rummage their drawers and nothing will be folded. 

We hopped in the car real quick to run through the Walgreen's drive thru. I was half way there when I realized I was still wearing my bunny slippers. At least my mug felt me. 😂

Saturday evening, Eric went out to celebrate his boss's birthday, and I caught up on my reading. Apparently someone was wanting some lap cuddles. 

Sunday morning we caught the online church service. Our church was one of the few that was open in the area, but we were so glad they were. The message was much needed during this time. 

Colt spent the morning playing with all his police vehicles. 

I caught this one hanging in her room listening to music. 

Later, Bob Ross painted a master piece while I cleaned out our closet. 

This is a picture of his donkey with the pyramids. 

I found this jersey while cleaning out our closet. This belonged to our family dog my brother and I got while we were in elementary school. His name was Smokey after the University of Tennessee mascot. He had two brown dots above his eyes, just like Smokey. This Jersey is at least 25 years old. Now my brother has an actual blue tick hound (the UT mascot) we are hoping Cooper is still small enough to fit in this jersey. I can't wait to find out. 

12,398 steps, 7 bags of clothes, and 5 bags of linens to donate later, Momma was tired!

I finished the weekend with murder stares from this one. Apparently I did not stock pile enough cat treats to get them through the quarantine. I'm pretty sure we are sleeping with our bedroom door closed tonight. haha

Until Next Time...

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