Weekend Recap | 3.22.2020

Monday, March 23, 2020

Hey Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. I have tons of pictures to share with you, but thanks to self social distancing, we did not do very much. Not that i'm complaining. I'm a super introvert, so my heart is happy. 

A little update on the home front for the virus situation. I want to keep things happy and positive, but I also want it to serve as a way to remember how things were. Eric and I are both still working at the moment. I was by his work on Friday. They have taken extra steps at distancing themselves from customers. All our restaurants that still remain open are take out only. The gyms are closed. Eric is going to start working out at his brother's home gym. The grocery stores are empty. You have to keep going back to hit it at the right moment. Things are crazy. However...

Eric and I are very lucky to still have our jobs, and work for amazing companies that will go far above to make their employees and customers fell safe during these uncharted times. 

So Friday I took the day off. I had scheduled for it due to Spring Break, but I went ahead and kept it since my mom had the kids ALL WEEK LONG. And now for an extra two weeks that we know of. Ugh!

I had a few errands to run, but first up was a stop by Daddy's work. I didn't take my phone in for any pictures, but we did walk out of there with 5 gum balls, 2 candy bars, and a soda at 9:30 am. #thanksguys

I ran to Wal-Mart to see if I could grab a few supplies. The rules were "stay in the cart, don't touch anything, don't breathe." 

Then we headed to get my oil changed. The kids thinks its the coolest place ever, because they can watch them on the screen. 

And they wanted to show off their Wal-Mart treats while we waited. Yes, that is a baby toy, but my kids are obsessed with "stuffies" as they call them. 

This was our $5 movie treasure. It's the story of Moses, and has been on repeat all weekend. 

By Friday night Momma was exhausted. I hung out on the couch, and read my book. 

After the kiddos were in bed, this girl decided to come out of her spot. This is proof we do have two cats. She just hasn't accepted there are little people living in our house, even though it's been 6 years... 

She's been practicing her social distancing for several years now under Eric's night stand. 

Saturday started out raining and cold. They deiced to turn our entry way and dining room into a pet store. 

Then it was time for dress up time. Colt was a king. Apparently a king's outfit consist of a pool ring on your head, a picture of your nana and papaw from the World's Fair in 1982, and Bronx (our dog who passed away when they were 6 months old) Superman costume. Definitely an A++ for effert.

Sweet Logan was Cleopatra

Then King Tut decided to pay a visit. 

I bought these two storage benches from to use as a foot of the bed bench. Izzie approves. For size reference, it took two to fit my king size bed. 

Sunday morning started with sleeping in late, and the kids eating their new cereal. Has anyone tried this? It tastes just like regular Pebbles, but turns your milk blue. It's so cool!!!

Later, my mom called. She was hit with a horrible case of vertigo. I ran out PJs and all to help my dad try and get her to the car for the doctor. Two attempts, it didn't happen. She was so dizzy. She finally made it at 6pm Sunday night, and seems to be on the mend. 

While at Mom and Dad's, Eric texted me to grab milk from the corner store. "Corner Store" in East Tennessee is defined as any store close to your house where everyone you know hangs out, they know you, you know them, you always run into someone you know... and this is how I went into the store. 

Old lady cardigan, Wonder Woman PJ pants, old man loafers. Let this go on record of how much I love my husband. Not pictured is my Jim Beam whisky shirt, and messy side bun. This is love ladies!!

I made it home in time to catch the late church service on time. I cannot tell you how amaze I am by the churches that found ways to meet that do not have live stream capabilities. My sister-in-law's church met in the parking lot. Everyone sat in their cars while the preacher stood on the front steps and preached the sermon. That is amazing. It looked like a drive in theatre. 

It ended up being about 52 degrees and windy, but we managed a walk around the neighborhood to let off some of the energy. I'm very happy to see my favorite trees blooming. 

Eric and I finished the weekend off with a date night after the kiddos were off to bed. We watched the movie The hustle. It was pretty funny.

How was your weekend? Are you surviving the quarantine? 

Until Next Time...

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