Weekend Recap | 3.8.2020

Monday, March 9, 2020

Hey Everyone! I hope y'all had a great weekend. Our's went by too fast! I feel like I did not sit down until I was collapsing into bed each night. 

I'm very Apple Watch challenged, so I cannot locate my steps for Saturday and Sunday now, but I did earn a badge each day. 

I'm a little late getting today's post started. I had plan on working on it last night (Sunday), but couldn't hold my opens open long enough. I only worked a half day today due to scheduled annual appointments. Had I known one of my doctor's would forget about me in the lobby for over an hour, I could have posted sooner. 

This is my current view as I work on this post. Colt has Ninja Warrior right now, and Logan is at softball with my father in law until Eric can get there. All can say is thank goodness for Apple Air Pods the Sirius XM app. This Highway channel is saving my life right now. 😊

Let's move on to the Weekend Recap!!

I picked these two cuties up from Nana's after work. Fridays are soft dress down days (not full uniform) for them at school, and they are always up for matching one another. My favorite is when they say, "Our teachers aren't going to be to tell us apart since we are dressed alike". #itsatwinthing

My brother's dog, Cooper, was home when I got to my parents. He was excited to see me, but not up for giving up his pig ear for pictures. 

We swung through the Target Drive Up Pickup quickly for a few items I had ordered before finally heading home

While waiting on our order to be brought out, we took some goofy selfies. 

I had happy mail waiting for me when we got home!! I have used them all weekend, and they are amazing. 

Friday evening was a complete blur. I honestly cannot even tell you what we ate for dinner. Since Eric had to work Saturday morning, I offered to go pick up his mom from the airport along with his grandmother. She had been in Florida for the week, and her flight landed around 9:45. His grandmother and I had the best time road tripping to the airport together. Sadly, I don't have any pictures. 

Saturday we were up bright and early. Yet, I was really temped to stay in bed when I woke up to find this one snuggling with me. 

I found these two playing in the hockey nets claiming they were pets for sale in a pet store. 

I have no idea where they come up with their ideas, but I pray they never loose their imagination.

While Eric was at work, we knocked out some errands. 

First up was the dump. We have weekly trash pick up, but I had a few big items that wouldn't fit in our weekly trash. Anyone else need lots of extra motivation for the long Saturday morning lines at the dump? #givemeallthecoffee

Next up we picked up our weekend grocery order from Walmart. I feel like all I do is sit in the Kroger, Target, and Walmart pick up lines. At least I don't have to take the kids into the store. #andallthemommassaidamen

But all this waiting leads to more fun selfies!!

This is where the rest of Saturday becomes a complete blur. I worked on Spring cleaning Colt's room and Eric and my room. Then I woke up Sunday, and I got started on Logan's room and both our bathrooms. The worse thing about cleaning kids room is all the extra laundry it caused. Where do they hide it all?

I wasn't able to snap any good pictures of the kids' rooms. We are planning on having the carpets cleaned in the next couple of weeks. However, if you need a recipe to remove slime from carpet, ask me. 😏

I will share with you the final touches of master bed and bath. 

I also put together a new book small book shelf for our room too. I've been looking for months, and this one fit perfect!

I'm not sure what it was about being in cleaning mode or just Mom being busy and trying to really focus on completing something, but this is how I felt all day Saturday. 

Saturday night I finally ended up taking a long hot bath just to hide. 😂

Just peace and quite, Mommy juice, and my Kindle. 

While Mommy was having her quite time, these two artists decided to draw some awesome unicorns.  I have no idea where they get their art ability from. They are awesome!

I feel like I blinked and the weekend was over. Sunday night after baths and bedtime, my head hit the pillow. I opened my Kindle to try and read some, but fell straight asleep. 

I will be doing a book review later this month, so look for that.

Until Next Time...

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