Easter Weekend | 4.12.2020

Monday, April 20, 2020

Hey Everyone! I hope things are going great for you and your family. I'm a little behind on sharing our Easter celebrations so I thought I would do that today.

First, if you have commented on my blog, please don't think I am ignoring you. Blogger is not accepting my replies. If your are a blogger out there using Blogger Platform, and can offer assistance... PLEASE email me!!! 

I appreciate everyone reading about my family and our lives!

Our Easter Outfits looked a little different this year. It actually kind of felt more like Christmas. Our Christmas Tradition is to stay in PJs all day long. 

We started off the morning with the Easter Bunny leaving baskets at the door. He wasn't allowed into the house this year. #youcantbetoocareful

After baskets, we spent the morning with church via the internet.

 Then we went over to my in laws for lunch and the kiddos to get their easter baskets.

We had lots of fun just relaxing and hanging out.

Eric's great aunt is the family geologist, and wrote a book about our family's history. We ended up spending so much time sitting around a learning more about our family history, and laughing at pictures. This is one of my favorite things to do, and it seems to have become something we do often. The best laughs were when we brought out the in laws' old high school year books.

Our niece dog, Rousey, was even enjoying her day.

She's always down for belly rubs.

Nash, on the other hand, was ready for his social distancing to return to normal. Haha

Eric spend some time social distancing while playing arcade games on this cool game console. I think it has over 500 arcade games.

Easter baskets lead to some backyard flying. The weather behaved for about an hour for us to have some fun outside. 

My mother in law's baby birds had apparently hatched over night or Easter morning. There is 2-3... I think she said there was 2 eggs the night before.

Once the downpour started, we went back inside for the adults to play Name 5 and have some coffee. Has anyone ever played this game? I really didn't get the point... my favorite game we played so far is The Game of Things. It was when we had the entire extended family together for Thanksgiving.

The cool wind mills the kiddos got in their Easter baskets.

Sugared up, tricked out, and ready to hit the road home.

I hope everyone had a great Easter and was able to celebrate with at least some of your family!

Until Next Time...

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