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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

I'm not sure how you are holding up, but I've lost count of what day it is. What is today? I believe it is Wednesday. 

My sister shared this the other day, and this was so completely true. It's "everything going on". Everyone says "with everything going on", "while everything is going on". I feel this is the south's way of saying "coke", but that could mean Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, etc.

I've taken some time off from blogging. I'm still trying to get adjusted to this new life and routine. Or should I say lack there of routine. 

emma wertner on Twitter: ""The One Where Ross Is Fine" is actually ...

After my last post, I began working full time from home. It has been a bigger adjustment than I could had imagined. Eric and I are still extremely blessed to still be working and considered "essential" employees. I know God has complete control over this. 

I sent this to my coworkers earlier. It gave us a good laugh after a stressful day. Ps- I have a letter. 😉

I try not to go into too many specifics, but there was a job change suppose to be taking place for Eric over last week. No matter how much I prayed, I didn't feel right about it, to the point I barely told anyone he was making a career move. Eric kept not feeling right about it, but it was one of those jobs that was just placed in your hands. The kind you don't go looking for, it comes to you. It seemed like God was laying it at his feet. We prayed for several weeks about it, but Eric finally in the end went with what his heart was telling him, and that is his current job is where God wants him. I've never seen so many people breathe a sigh of relief when he turned down the job offer. We know for a fact he is where he is meant to be. 

We have started home schooling, or should I say failing at home schooling. Our district isn't really doing distance learning. Some schools are, and some are not. It is based on the technology they have available. L&C attend private school. We have Google Classrooms set up, and full daily load of assignments. I've very thankful for them being able to continue to learn, interact with their classmates, and attend chapel. But there have been several tears shed. Me more than L&C. My mom may have cried a little too while helping me. I may have had a teacher text me earlier just to check on me. All I can say is teachers, along with our first responders, are true heroes! I've waved my white flag, and going to have to figure out a solid home schooling routine. 

My sister asked me the other day how things were going with home schooling. I said "well, I heard all this racket in my dining room the other day. I went and looked, and found them playing basketball. I was like we'll just consider that gym class for the day."

Having so much change thrown at us so fast has been hard. Being at home with my family is amazing. Eric is still reporting to work daily, but being able to work from home and be with family is great. I just have not found the balance yet. I'm struggling. I know a lot of us is struggling during this time. I pray we all find our balance and our new, hopefully temporary, normal. 

I'm sorry for this post, as I want to keep things positive, but I felt I just needed a place to vent for a moment. I'm hoping to be back very soon with some happy content, and my new ideas for the blog. 

Until Next Time...

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