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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Hey Everyone! Today (well, i'm a day behind...) I'm linking up with All About That Mommy Life to share with you that i'm Not Just A Mom. I thought I would share a few random facts about myself. Since the blog is still in the newer stages, it will be fun to share a little more about myself in general. 

I do not like to host parties. This sounds terrible and I hate it for my children, but I would rather have my teeth pulled than plan a party. My mom loves planning kids parties. We always had the best parties growing up, but I just did not inherit that gene. I know my kids will look back and remember that their third birthday party was at The Bounce House or their Sixth birthday party was at their Gymnastics place, but they aren't going to remember the themes or what color the table cloths were. I love to book parties where all the essentials are provided. My mom gets on to me every year. She's already started in on the kids birthday party this year, and it's in December! I just go with it. Apparently my sister is the same way. She insisted on planning L&C's party this year, down to filling up the goody bags. She was basically the party planner and ran the show that day. haha

This is her having the kids help stuff their party favors. 😊

I LOVE listening to music. I cannot play an instrument to save my life, but I love listening to music. Also, it's only Country. I use to be obsessed with Country stations on Pandora and the radio, but now i'm completely spoiled by The Highway on Sirius XM. I listen to it while I get ready, clean, in the car, at work, it's almost always constantly playing... except when Eric is in the car. He use to be really big into music, but now he only listens to it while working out. He's turned into a typical old man in the car, and won't turn on the radio. 

I have a super crazy weird memory. I can recall conversations dating back years almost word for word and people. It's so crazy, I usually won't mention anything because it's kinda of embarrassing its so good. If I see you in the store and we haven't seen each other in years, I typically won't acknowledge you unless you do me first. I hate the "do you remember me" conversations. I have already figured out that my kids have inherited it as well. It's crazy the things they remember, conversations word for word. Also, my best friend's memory is about as crazy as mine, if not better.

Speaking of best friends, I have had the same best friend since I was a freshman in high school. We have been through so much together, were each other's maid of honor, we raise our kids together, and been to Destin so many times together I've lost count.We also share our love for Erin Condren planners. Our kids attend the same school, so during the school year, I get to see her pretty much every single day. Our husbands get along so well, we've had to ground them from spending time together on occasion. It never fails, anytime we get together, one of our husbands ends up with a new gun or knife. (It's usually mine 😏). We still have the same inside jokes from high school, and our nicknames for each and our family members other will forever live on.

This is us on Spring Break in Destin- i'm pretty positive our senior year- 2004

This is us in her wedding in 2008.

I am a huge computer nerd. I have always been interest in how they work, and figuring how to use them. I'm usually less likely to ask for any help. I will spend hours reading and trying things out until I figure it out for myself. I find it fun and really interesting! I think that is part of my desire for a blog.

I always capitalize the letter R. It started while I was in college. I remember I wrote it as a capital and it flowed so easily, I just kept doing it. It's natural for me, and I cannot write a lower case letter R anymore. I have to really think about it. I also make my check marks backwards. I'm left handed, and again, it felt natural. When I was little, I thought checks could be either way. Well, apparently not, because i'm always given a hard time about my backwards check marks. 

I LOVE TV show reruns. If there is a show that has been gone for years, or off the air for a while, I will watch rerun after rerun. Every Saturday, our TV is usually on Roseanne, and on Sundays it's the Golden Girls. I could watch the Big Bang Theory for hours. Eric gives me such a hard time, because I have binged series multiple times. I've seen Prison Break three times, Hart of Dixie four times, and One Tree Hill four times, maybe five. Eric honestly can't say much, because he doesn't turn off Roseanne and the Golden Girls. He has also watched Son of Anarchy with me at least three times. I've already rewatched Outer Banks once. Watch it... you won't be disappointed.

I actually love to shop alone. I have done this since I was in high school. I'm completely okay with going to the mall, and shopping all day long by myself. Growing up, my grandmother would take me shopping all the time. However, it wasn't your typical grandmother/granddaughter shopping spree. I went one way, she went the other, and we met back up for lunch. I've always enjoyed walking in a store looking at what I want to look at, and leave when i'm ready. In college, it was how I would relax and take my mind off things. We live about 35 minutes from Sevierville, TN and the Tanger Outlet mall. It use to be very common for me to go up there, and shop all day alone. I loved it!

Completely random, but hey that is what we are going for... I HATE belly buttons. πŸ˜– I can't touch mine, and I can't see others touch theirs. When the twins were born, my mom had to clean their buttons until they feel off. I want to puke just speaking about it. Funny story, Eric hates belly buttons just like I do. When we were first hanging out and getting to know each other, he asked me one night what was something weird about me. I told him I hate belly buttons, and I would puke if he touched mine. His eyes got really big, and I just knew he was thought I was crazy. He looked right at me, and said he was going to say the exact same thing to me. #soulmates

I LOVE to read. Growing up I wasn't a great reader. I was the kid that never offered to read allowed, but if I found a good book, I could read it in one sitting. My love for reading has only grown over the years. I easily read three to four books a week. Just this past weekend, I read three 400 page books. I just get engrossed and can't stop. I'm hoping in the future to do some book reviews.

What are some random things about you?

Until Next Time...


  1. I am a huge country music fan too and usually have it playing in the background. I prefer to shop alone too. Thanks for linking up with Not Just A Mom

    1. I always have to have my country music on, and I cannot tell you how much I love my alone time shopping. Thanks for reading!

  2. I am so with you on the planning parties. I love the idea of it... finding all the supplies & saving ideas. But the actual hosting of the party is miserable. My daughter's first birthday was a fail and I won't be doing another party until she asks, haha! Thanks for linking up with us today :)

    1. I was so excited when my oldest daughter got to the age where she just wanted to have a few friends over for a slumber party. It was the easiest thing ever! I cannot wait until the twins are that age. :-) Thank you for reading and having me link up!


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