Weekend Recap | 6.8.2020

Monday, June 8, 2020

Hello Everyone! How was your weekend? We had a pretty busy one, but filled with lots of fun. 

I wanted to start off with a little update on life. With everything going on in the world these past few months, my routine was very off, and I just didn't have it in me to blog. We spent time together, bing watched, and read lots.  I've gave a few updates here and there, but now I feel life is starting to return to normal. 

Eric and I are both Essential Employees. We have been blessed to have our jobs throughout this entire  pandemic. I worked remotely from home from the end of March until this past Wednesday. Eric has worked onsite everyday during the week. His company did stop Saturday hours until this weekend. Our restaurants have opened back, our gyms are open (Eric is so excited about that), and our kids returned to Ninja Warrior class and Tumble class this past week. We are so sad that softball season ended up being completely canceled. We are now counting down to fall. Logan was so excited about this season. We still have not been to a restaurant, but we have gotten plenty of dinners to go. I'm still doing grocery pick ups, but will go into the store if needed. I feel like life is finally returning to our new normal with routine and many outings. 

Now on to our weekend! We had such a fun time. On Saturday, my cousin got married on her family farm. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I don't have many pictures of the wedding its self, because I feel those are hers to share. However, I have a few pictures from the farm in general I wanted to share. I feel like I spent the entire wedding reliving a huge part of my child hood. During my middle school years and freshman year of high school, I spent so many summers and weekends on the farm. It was my absolute favorite place to be. Below are a few pictures of the farm.

This is looking out over the lower part of their driveway. Where the heart of the Smoky Mountains turn a dark blue, sits the local lake we use to go to when I was young. The very end of their street dead-ends into the lake.

Growing up this was the horse pasture. They had two horses, but Jake was always my favorite. It is now a really cool driving range. For the wedding, they had golf clubs and balls out for people to hit.

Here is a picture of the barn from their back door. It looks out over the driving range.

The inside of the barn has changed so much, but it was so beautiful!! All I could think about was climbing to the top of the hay that stacked to the roof, and playing with the barn cats - Bozo and Marsha Brady. 😊

This path leads to the top of a hill (small hike) to a beautiful view of the lake and the Smoky Mountains.

The trail now houses string lights, chandeliers, and rope swings.

My parents, the kids, and me all dressed up for the wedding. Eric had started back working Saturdays that day was home resting.

The kids had a blast playing with cousins they rarely get to see. It's so much fun seeing them play with the kids of the cousins I grew up playing with. I love it.

We ended up getting home pretty late from the wedding. They live about 45 minutes from us. Plus, there was a wreck on Mom and Dad's road almost in front of their house that we couldn't get around. (Everyone seemed safe, just ran off the road and no emergency vehicles).

Sunday we slept in. I feel like I never sleep in anymore. (Churches still haven't completely opened back up yet. Our city is opening in phases. June 1st was the start of Phase 2. Due to the size of our church, we will not be opening until at least Phase 3. Thankfully we have several online service times.) Mom called and woke me up. It was 11:30! 😳

We packed up all our swim gear and hit up Mom and Dad's pool.

The kiddos swam their hearts out, and I got to finish up a book I had started the day before. By the end of afternoon, it had turned into a party. We were all worn out, and slept great.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Before I sign off, I have a special prayer request that I ask if you are praying person, you won't mind saying a prayer and sending good thoughts to our family. I don't want to go into details, God knows, and we are just praying for healing. I know our family would appreciate all prayers we can receive at the moment.

If you have any special prayer requests, please feel free to drop them in the comments, or email directly at I would love to pray for you as well.

Until Next Time...

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