Weekend Recap | 4th of July 2020

Monday, July 6, 2020

Hey Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. I'm not sure about you, but I know we weren't ready for ours to end. 

We spent pretty much all our weekend in the pool. It was a perfect family weekend. Grab some coffee and read along with me.

It is Monday afternoon as i'm typing this. The kiddos are in Tumble and Ninja Warrior class right now. So, this is my current view.

I typically sit up in the parents' area and watch them while I write my blog posts, but the wifi was down and my cell service was terrible in there. Also, our county adopted a policy were masks must be worn inside all public buildings as of July 3rd. I've worn one all day at work, and I needed a break. So, here I am sitting in my car using my hotspot on my phone. #internetprobs. Logan is going to be so upset I ended up sitting in the car, but here I have AC and good music.

Also, before I dive into our weekend recap, I'd like to discuss a creepy issue with you... Let me explain first. I've had my Yukon Denali for 5 years now. I was so excited when we purchased it, because I was going to have bluetooth. Well... the buttons are on the steering wheel, but I could never figure out how to connect my phone. Everything I found in my manual said it was available, but only with an OnStar subscription. #Nothankyou.

Fast forward 5 years of just being bummed, then I was laying awake and ran across a video on youtube showing how to pair your phone with the same year and model as mine. Holy cow!! Tried it the next morning, and I had bluetooth access within 45 seconds. I FREAKING love it. Especially since our state has the hands free law. 

Now, my creepy issue... My phone is stalking me. 

I rarely use the navigation system on car, but use maps on my phone when needed. With that being said, I don't use it to get me around town. I can count on phone hand how much I use maps a year.

Ever since I hooked the Bluetooth up, it knows where i'm headed as soon as I get in the car. We have not been to the gymnastics center since I hooked up my Bluetooth, however, as soon as I got in my car at work, it popped up immediately. I'm seriously super creeped out. When I leave my mom's it tells me how long until i'm home. It knows my routes and patterns. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

OKAY... if you are still with me ๐Ÿคžlet's recap the weekend. 

I took Thursday off work, because Mom had a serious doctor's appointment in another state. I used that day to prepare my house for the weekend. This is my steps for the day, and I only left the house to run some trash to the dump. I cleaned and caught up on laundry since returning to the office. I also took that opportunity to switch out the kids winter and summer clothes bins.

That was all inside my house! Wow!

The kiddos have started a new thing where they think it's the coolest thing to ride around the neighborhood in the back of Daddy's truck. It has seriously turned into a little parade for them each night. They wave at the neighbors, and they all say hey to them. 

This picture is posed... They sit down and don't move the entire time Eric drives 5 mph around our quarter mile loop of the neighborhood. 

On Friday I had to work, softball was cancelled due to the holiday weekend, and we picked up ToGo from one of our favorite local restaurants, Aubrey's. Eric and I both got the Pizza Rockefeller.

It is spinach queso, chicken, cheese, and tomatoes on a crispy tortilla. Its SOOOO GOOD!!

Before we got dinner, the kiddos were wanting to swim so bad. I stayed at Mom and Dad's house for about an hour and half hanging out with Dad by the pool solving world problems and watching the kids swim. 

This is them showing me their handstands under water. They had a blast, and were asleep by 8:30. WIN!

Also, my new spray tan machine came that day, so Eric gave me a spray tan to test it out. Sorry- no pictures, but I can tell it is already work the investment. I'm so excited about it! I may do a review later.

This is the machine I purchased from Amazon.

Saturday, we slept in a little, but had plans to be at Eric's parents' house around 1:30. It was his mom's birthday. She's a 4th of July baby. We had BBQ, cake, and swam all day long. 

I'm so proud of how the kiddos are doing with swimming. Logan was going down 8 1/2 feet and getting stuff off the bottom of the pool. 

Then both kiddos decided it was time to start flipping off the diving board. 

Once we got home, and had some dinner, we could hear fireworks starting. No one in our neighborhood were shooting them, but we back up to 3 large neighborhoods. The kiddos are I sat in the back yard and watched for over an hour. Eric slept through the entire thing. 

Finally by midnight... I felt like this...

Sunday was a very relaxing day. I read an entire book, even though I was not impressed with it. It's really hard for me to stop unless I just can't stand it at all. It had a good story like, but was lacking a lot of depth.

Eric and I finished season two of Yellow Stone, and called it a night. Anyone obsessed with this show? It is amazing.

I also saw this shirt on Instagram this week. I want it.

That is all for our 4th of July weekend. I hope everyone stuck with me through the entire post! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Until Next Time...

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