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Friday, August 28, 2020

 Today i'm linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites. I have lots of randomness for you, so follow along. 

Today I’m sharing a FAVORITE, but it is a little different than what I normally do. 

Follow Me Down by [Melissa Toppen]

Follow Me Down by Melissa Toppen is releasing TODAY, and I wanted to share it with you. 

Just go ahead and click “add to cart”. - It's that good! 

This is my first ARC review on the blog, but I’d like to continue. I also plan to do monthly book reviews. I can read between 3-4 books a week. I LOVE TO READ. I’m always ready to talk about a book, give a recommendation, or hear recommendations. I will tell you that I always read Romance, and they are almost always rated R. I’m excited to share books with this community. Out of all my three reader friends, my sister is the only one who takes any of my book suggestions. *Cough Jamie and Lisa* Haha 

Before I get further into this, I’m hoping not to release any spoilers. However, I will go into more detail than the synopsis. Also, let’s go ahead and mark this book as rated R. 

I have so many feelings about this book. When I received my ARC copy and read the synopsis, I was not sure at all what to expect. Melissa Toppen gave just enough detail to grab the eye, but not enough to even know how it was going to play out. All I knew was basically girl runs into boy on her way out of town. Okay… WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? HOW? 

Fallon is just a girl ready to get away. Having lived a life full of control and under a microscope, she never thought she would get away or even knew how to leave. 

Titan is a guy brought up in a wealthy family that he had no intentions of being associated with. When he was old enough, he walked away with his best friend, and never looked back. He lives a happy life, flying under the radar, fixing up motorcycles, and spending time with his hilarious best friend, Link. 

How both Fallon and Titan find each other is completely by fate, saving each other was meant to be. Fallon quickly learns even though Titan has a dark and rough edge to him, that he was born into the exact same life style she is trying to escape from. She has lived under the strict control of her famous Politician Father. He has dictated her entire life down to the clothes she wears, where she will attend college, and the career she will have. Titan understands her need to escape. 

One night she is running away from a scary situation with nothing but a swimsuit and a shear cover, no shoes, nothing else. She has no idea where she is or where she is going. She just keeps running. Finally she comes to a road, and literally runs into Titan. Titan can see the fear in her eyes, and he cannot leave her alone in the middle of nowhere. Not wanting any complications, he takes her home with him for the night with plans of returning her to wherever she came from the next morning. He quickly discovers she is running from something even bigger than that night, and feels the need to protect her. 

After spending time with Titan and his best friend, Link, Fallon finally has hope that she will be able to escape all the control and start a fresh life with Titan. Their journey is not easy, and has lots of bumps in the road. However, they are ready to fight whatever and whoever to be together.

If you love a good romance book, I think you will enjoy Follow Me Down.

I have been a Melissa Toppen fan for a few years now, when she released Tequila Haze. She is a look click "add to cart" author for me. 

Here are some other books she's written that I love...

Tequila Haze and Tequila Burn (Duet Series) - If you enjoy country music, you MUST read. 

Ten Hours and What Comes After - Can be stand alone, but need the first one to fully understand. 

You can find Melissa Toppen and her other books:

I received an ARC copy of Follow Me Down in exchange for my personal review. All opinions are my own. 

Hope you have a great weekend!

Until Next Time...

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