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Monday, September 14, 2020

Hey Everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Today I'm linking up with Heather

Our Saturday and Sunday was pretty lazy, but I’m going to go back starting at Wednesday. It has been a crazy week here. Knoxville is currently living in a real life game of Jumanji. We have made the national news too many times this week, but I start at the beginning. 

I was originally going to take Friday off to celebrate my birthday, and have a three day weekend. After looking at my remaining vacation time for the year, I decided not to. I didn’t have any plans for that day, so why waste it. 

Well, Wednesday morning I woke up on the struggle bus. I decided to take this random Wednesday as a vacation day. I dropped the kids off at school, and laid on the couch watching mindless TV until time to pick them up. 

Around 10:30 am, I received a breaking news alert on my phone that I-640 in Knoxville was shut down for a plane to make an emergency landing. It was out of gas and needed to refuel. Officers closed the ramps, and allowed the plane to land, refuel, and take back off. Really? 

Thursday was my birthday. We woke up to the news reporting a tiger was spotted around the “Forks of the River” which is a heavily industrialized area in Knoxville. Eric use to work at a steel plant near where the tiger was spotted. A police officer spotted it, and the dash board camera caught it all on tape. The zoo isn’t missing a tiger or any wildlife places around here. So, someone is missing a tiger, and no one is claiming it. It has since been spots a few more times in residential areas around East Knoxville. 


I had two friends text me that they got me a tiger for my birthday, but it was either delivered to the wrong address or lost in transit. 

The official BOLO issued by the Knox Sheriff's Department. 

I've since heard that there is now a pig on the loose in South Knoxville, and a kangaroo somewhere. That's Facebook for you! 

Thursday night, Logan had her first two actual softball games. We were down two players due to being quarantined, played with one the girl’s three year old little sister, and won our first game. We played a double header. The second team was larger, far more advanced, and our girls were tired. 

And the entire family made it out to support Logan! 

                  Brother - Jason, Sister - Brittany; Nana and Papaw

Colt, Logan, and cousin Easton

It was a long evening that ended with dinner pick up from one of my favorite local restaurants, Louis. We finished up homework, got baths, than I settled in a new book by one of my favorite authors. You definitely need to check this book out. It was released on my birthday. It was sooooo good! 

The Set Up by Meghan Quinn

9/11 - Never Forget

On Friday, I decided to treat myself for my birthday to the Wake Spa during lunch. I did the one hour foot soak with 40 minute head, neck, and shoulder massage add on. It was perfect. If you are ever in Knoxville or the Asheville area, this is definitely a place to check out! 

Saturday started off great with Eric at work while I worked on laundry. I was feeling completely fine, then after he got home I got the hot/cold chill completely over my body. I just looked at him, and said I’m going to throw up. And it did not stop until I have finally able to get some medicine in me to make me stop. The rest of Saturday was used for sleeping and most of Sunday. 

We watched a few of our favorite movies while I laid on the couch miserable.

The week of my birthday is always a special time. Eric and I have so many anniversaries in that week. Since everything truly started with us around my birthday, it is easy to keep up with dates. 

My birthday is September 10th. 

September 12th was the first time I ran into Eric since the first night we met around the first of August. He was helping his friend promote his new energy drink, Neuro Fuel. I went up and talked to him, and gave him my phone number. I still have the promotion shirt he gave me that night. 

The first time we ever met in August 2008, I plan to share on our 10 year anniversary in April. It’s long! It involves a black eye, 9 stitches, contact solution, a rotisserie chicken, and discovering he was the motorcycle driver I stalked watched drive past my house EVERY DAY at 5 pm since I had moved in that May. 

Eric and I had our first “hang out” date on September 14th. I picked him up at the Tennessee football game, and we watched the remainder of the game at Chili’s next to campus with some friends. Later that night we went to an amateur MMA fight, and passed out/promoted Neuro Fuel. 

I stop at the Weigel’s Gas Station EVERY MORNING to buy coffee. Today on the anniversary of our first outing together this van was parked next to me. Since Neuro Fuel was sold to Pepsi a few years, we never see these vans anymore. It was fate. 😍

September 16th was our first official date out to dinner. It’s a story for another time as well. Its long, and it was several years before I found out why he spend a solid 20 minutes in the bathroom during our date. *Spoiler- he forgot his wallet, and was on the phone explaining to his Grandmother how to get to the restaurant so he could pay for dinner.*

Until Next Time...

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