Weekend Recap | 9.28.2020

Monday, September 28, 2020

Hey Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. Today i'm going to link up with Heather and others for the Monday link up.

We had a really nice, fall like weekend here in East TN. Sadly, with the beautiful fall weather comes fall allergies. Ugh! We have all been coughing and sneezing our heads off. 

Friday, during lunch, I dropped my Denali off at the dealership to have the oil changed. My brother was off work, and he sweetly offered to drive me back to work. (I’m only documenting this due to the fact this would never have happened back in high school. I’ve been in many arguments with people that my brother is an only child… Seriously!) Then my friend dropped me back off after work to pick up my truck. 

Holy Moly… This is why I don’t normally go to the dealership for oil changes. I had actually been looking online the other day, and sent Eric a picture of this exact Tahoe. Of course the cashier was in the showroom, and this baby just happened to be sitting next to her. I just stood there for a solid five minutes petting it. Then I quickly stepped back into the reality that I do not need a new car. My Denali still has lots of life. #nocarpayments 

Saturday was our first FOOTBALL SATURDAY of 2020 in East TN. We were very excited! Sadly, it was an away game. We sent the kiddos over to my parents, and we went to our friends’ house to watch the game with a few couples. It was so much fun!!! 

I made my famous Taco Dip. 

And I also made my Rotel Dip at Eric’s request. 

It’s the same dip that everyone in this world makes. I used 32oz of 20% milk Velveeta cheese, two cans of Original Rotel, and 1lb hamburger meat. I know a lot of people who use sausage instead of hamburger, but Eric doesn’t care sausage. 

This was my only picture from that night. I quickly snapped this one while at the gas station stocking up on drinks. 

We are apparently getting old…Even though kick off was at 7:30, we had the kids picked up, and was home in bed by 10:30. We can’t hang like we use to. 

Sunday was very lazy. Eric and I watched the movie Out Cold. We’ve seen it several times, but it had been awhile. If you’ve never need it, you should definitely check it out. It is a funny/stupid movie about a winter park town. We like it because we like to snowboard. However, if you are a Casablanca fan, it has a lot of Casablanca similarities you will pick up on. 

Logan’s team pictures were rained out this past Thursday, so we had team pictures Sunday afternoon. We’ve added another 25 to our collection. 25 has always been Eric's number, Skylar wore it in sports, and now Logan. 

I'd also like to say Happy 12 Year Anniversary to my best friend. We have been best friends since freshman year of high school, and we were each other's maid of honor. 

As I told her, i'm just thankful we were able to get Jon's wedding band off my finger before the ceremony so she didn't have to marry him with my thumb attached. 

That's all I have for our weekend. I hope everyone had as much fun as we did. Be sure tune in tomorrow for another addition of my book series. 

Until Next Time...

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