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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Hello Everyone!! 

It feels like forever since I wrote a blog post. It makes me really sad, but we have had so much going on in our lives. I will share a life update very soon.

With Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend, I wanted to talk about Love Languages. Shay and Erika talked about this on Tuesday, and I loved reading everyone’s posts. It’s crazy how completely different everyone is.

We were actually gifted The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts by Gary Chapman. All this has really sparked my interest to pull that book out and read it ASAP. I feel like it would make such an improvement in our marriage.

Mine and Eric’s love languages are completely opposite.

I am Acts of Kindness – I love to come home to find chores completed. I love having the feeling that items have been taken off my plate. Spread the Love! I also love coming home to find my Holiday Reese’s stash has been restocked in the fridge. Those moments are amazing! 😊

I am Words of Affirmation – No matter what crazy idea I have, Eric is my biggest cheerleader. He never tells me I’m crazy, or it’s a stupid idea (even when he already knows it). He just sits back, and encourages me all along the way.

I am Quality Time – I crave that time we get just one on one. It doesn’t matter if it’s a two hour outing, quick dinner together alone, or 5 minutes before we fall asleep at night. I just love to catch up with him.

Eric is Physical Touch – I almost want to say he’s 100% this, but he has a few more love languages. He loves to give little touches here and there, and he loves to receive it. This is something I am working on. I am definitely not a touchy feely person. I want to be better for him.

Eric is a Gift Giver (and he loves to receive gifts) – He loves to shop, and he loves to buy the kids and me things. He’s so thoughtful in this way. It’s not out of the normal for him to come home with a new outfit for me or a pair of shoes he thought would look nice on me. I struggle with this one. First, I’m the nerd and he’s the free spirit. My thoughts immediately go to “we could have saved this money.” I’m REALLY trying to learn to speak his language!!

Eric is Acts of Kindness – I feel this one goes kinda hand and hand with Gift Giving when it comes to him. It doesn’t have be much, just I’m at the corner market and happen to see your favorite bag of candy near the register. He’s always willing to make a stop on the way home for anything I may need.

This was a really great topic, because it has me thinking how I need to focus on his love languages more than mine. I read that we tend to show our love through our own love languages, and it doesn’t work that way. It has really opened my eyes. I’m going to make this one of my things I want to focus on while bettering myself.

What is your Love Language?

Until Next Time...

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